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Participant Information

Participant Questionnaire

Participant's Agreement of Policies and Expectation Agreement

Career Development Program Goals 

Increase self-confidence: The Career Development learning program is an environment where each lesson promotes communication skills, self-advocacy and personal accountability through goal-oriented activities. These activities help to significantly improve meaningful family, friend and community interactions as well as further promoting independence. 
Increase career skill knowledge: Career Development program teaches students appropriate and proactive work place behaviors and skills by applying best practices in areas of customer service, team building and money management. Students participate in community projects to apply their skills by volunteering to better prepare for work opportunities. 
Increase personal wellness: Through physical fitness, nutrition and safety awareness training, Career Development program students gain a stronger sense of the importance of remaining active and making choices that promote and sustain a lifelong healthy lifestyle. 
Increase quality of life: Career Development programs provides a hands on, multi-sensory learning environment to help students live a well-rounded, healthy, confident and fully enriching life. Depending less on those around them and by promoting their voice, students improve their presence inside and out of the GiGi’s community. 


Attendance Policy 

I understand that if I miss 3 days of the program that my spot in the program may be forfeited. I also understand that if I must miss a day of the program I need to contact the Career Development Program Coordinator/Instructor prior to the start of class.  I am expected to arrive on time for my Career Development programs, check-in and be ready to participate and give my Best of All.   


Homework Policy 
I will complete my assigned homework outside of class time including physical fitness activities, making healthy choices in nutrition and safety in the Career Development program and at home.   



Daily attendance and participation in the program 
Work toward obtaining S.M.A.R.T. goals 
Physical fitness activity at least 30 minutes 5 days per week   
Maintain healthy eating habits 
Participate in community engagement activities 
Give my Best of All 
Generation G: Be Generous. Be Accepting. Be Kind. 


Parent/ Guardian Information

Parent/ Guardian Agreement of Expectations

Attendance Policy 

I understand that if my son/daughter misses 3 days of the program that his/her spot in the program may be forfeited. I also understand that if he/she must miss a day of the program we need to contact the Career Development Program Coordinator/Instructor prior to the start of class.  He/She is expected to arrive on time for the program, check-in and be ready to participate and give their Best of All.   


I believe that I, as a mentor play a very large role in the development of this participant and their success.  I will ensure that they have opportunities to participate, be active, and make healthy choices in the Career Development programs and at home.    

I understand and agree to the following to ensure success: 

To complete the Math and Literacy Identifier and return to the instructor before the end of the first week of class.  
 To assist with homework as needed & make sure it is complete.  
To encourage healthy eating daily and exercise for 30 mins for at least 5 days a week.  
To attend (or send a caregiver) to orientation and other events.   
 To encourage and celebrate Best of All moments. 


The following people or organizations are able to pick up the above named participant from the GiGi's Playhouse Career Development programs. If a person is not listed here I may call ahead of time to give verbal authorization.